Verses 23-30 (Exodus 25:23-30)

Here is, 1. A table ordered to be made of wood overlaid with gold, which was to stand, not in the holy of holies (nothing was in that but the ark with its appurtenances), but in the outer part of the tabernacle, called the sanctuary, or holy place, Heb. 9:2, 23 There must also be the usual furniture of the sideboard, dishes and spoons, etc., and all of gold, Exod. 25:29. 2. This table was to be always spread, and furnished with the show-bread (Exod. 25:30), or bread of faces, twelve loaves, one for each tribe, set in two rows, six in a row; see the law concerning them, Lev. 24:5-10 The tabernacle being God?s house, in which he was pleased to say that he would dwell among them, he would show that he kept a good house. In the royal palace it was fit that there should be a royal table. Some make the twelve loaves to represent the twelve tribes, set before God as his people and the corn of his floor, as they are called, Isa. 21:10. As the ark signified God?s being present with them, so the twelve loaves signified their being presented to God. This bread was designed to be, (1.) A thankful acknowledgement of God?s goodness to them, in giving them their daily bread, manna in the wilderness, where he prepared a table for them, and, in Canaan, the corn of the land. Hereby they owned their dependence upon Providence, not only for the corn in the field, which they gave thanks for in offering the sheaf of first-fruits, but for the bread in their houses, that, when it was brought home, God did not blow upon it, Hag. 1:9. Christ has taught us to pray every day for the bread of the day. (2.) A token of their communion with God. This bread on God?s table being made of the same corn with the bread on their own tables, God and Israel did, as it were, eat together, as a pledge of friendship and fellowship; he supped with them, and they with him. (3.) A type of the spiritual provision which is made in the church, by the gospel of Christ, for all that are made priests to our God. In our Father?s house there is bread enough and to spare, a loaf for every tribe. All that attend in God?s house shall be abundantly satisfied with the goodness of it, Ps. 36:8. Divine consolations are the continual feast of holy souls, notwithstanding there are those to whom the table of the Lord, and the meat thereof (because it is plain bread), are contemptible, Mal. 1:12. Christ has a table in his kingdom, at which all his saints shall for every eat and drink with him, Luke 22:30.

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary

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And you shall make its plates and dishes for incense, and its flagons and bowls with which to pour drink offerings; you shall make them of pure gold. ~ Exodus 25:29 ESV