Verses 11-22 (2 Chronicles 4:11-22)

We have here such a summary both of the brass-work and the gold-work of the temple as we had before (1 Kgs. 7:13-51), in which we have nothing more to observe than, 1. That Huram the workman was very punctual: He finished all that he was to make (2 Chron. 4:11), and left no part of his work undone. Huram, his father, he is called, 2 Chron. 4:16. Probably it was a sort of nickname by which he was commonly known, Father Huram; for the king of Tyre called him Huram Abi, my father, in compliance with whom Solomon called him his, he being a great artist and father of the artificers in brass and iron. He acquitted himself well both for ingenuity and industry. 2. Solomon was very generous. He made all the vessels in great abundance (2 Chron. 4:18), many of a sort, that many hands might be employed, and so the work might go on with expedition, or that some might be laid up for use when others were worn out. Freely he has received, and he will freely give. When he had made vessels enough for the present he would not convert the remainder of the brass to his own use; it is devoted to God, and it shall be used for him.

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary