Chapter 8 (Judges 8)

This chapter gives us a further account of Gideon?s victory over the Midianites, with the residue of the story of his life and government. I. Gideon prudently pacifies the offended Ephraimites, Jdg. 8:1-3. II. He bravely pursues the flying Midianites, Jdg. 8:4; 10-12. III. He justly chastises the insolence of the men of Succoth and Penuel, who basely abused him (Jdg. 8:5-9), and were reckoned with for it, Jdg. 8:13-17. IV. He honourably slays the two kings of Midian, Jdg. 8:18-21. V. After all this he modestly declines the government of Israel, Jdg. 8:22, 23. VI. He foolishly gratified the superstitious humour of his people by setting up an ephod in his own city, which proved a great snare, Jdg. 8:24-27. VII. He kept the country quiet for forty years, Jdg. 8:28. VIII. He died in honour, and left a numerous family behind him, Jdg. 8:29-32. IX. Both he and his God were soon forgotten by ungrateful Israel, Jdg. 8:33-35.

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary