Chapter 5 (Exodus 5)

Moses and Aaron are here dealing with Pharaoh, to get leave of him to go and worship in the wilderness. I. They demand leave in the name of God (Exod. 5:1), and he answers their demand with a defiance of God, Exod. 5:2. II. They beg leave in the name of Israel (Exod. 5:3), and he answers their request with further orders to oppress Israel, Exod. 5:4-9. These cruel orders were, 1. Executed by the task-masters, Exod. 5:10-14. 2. Complained of to Pharaoh, but in vain, Exod. 5:15-19. 3. Complained of by the people to Moses Exod. 5:20, 21), and by him to God, Exod. 5:22, 23.

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary