Chapter 4 (Judges 4)

The method of the history of Deborah and Barak (the heroes in this chapter) is the same with that before Here is, I. Israel revolted from God, Jdg. 4:1. II. Israel oppressed by Jabin, Jdg. 4:2, 3. III. Israel judged by Deborah, Jdg. 4:4, 5. IV. Israel rescued out of the hands of Jabin. 1. Their deliverance is concerted between Deborah and Barak, Jdg. 4:6, 9. 2. It is accomplished by their joint-agency. Barak takes the field, Jdg. 4:10. Sisera, Jabin?s general, meets him, Jdg. 4:12, 13. Deborah encourages him, Jdg. 4:14. And God gives him a complete victory. The army routed, Jdg. 4:15, 16. The general forced to flee, Jdg. 4:17. And where he expected shelter he had his life stolen from him by Jael while he was asleep (Jdg. 4:18-21), which completes Barak?s triumph (Jdg. 4:22) and Israel?s deliverance, Jdg. 4:23, 24.

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary