Chapter 4 (Exodus 4)

This chapter, I. Continues and concludes God?s discourse with Moses at the bush concerning this great affair of bringing Israel out of Egypt. 1. Moses objects the people?s unbelief (Exod. 4:1), and God answers that objection by giving him a power to work miracles, (1.) To turn his rod into a serpent, and then into a rod again, Exod. 4:2-5. (2.) To make his hand leprous, and then whole again, Exod. 4:6-8. (3.) To turn the water into blood, Exod. 4:9. 2. Moses objects his own slowness of speech (Exod. 4:10), and begs to be excused (Exod. 4:13); but God answers this objection, (1.) By promising him his presence, Exod. 4:11, 12. (2.) By joining Aaron in commission with him, Exod. 4:14-16. (3.) By putting an honour upon the very staff in his hand, Exod. 4:17. II. It begins Moses?s execution of his commission. 1. He obtains leave of his father-in-law to return into Egypt, Exod. 4:18. 2. He receives further instructions and encouragements from God, Exod. 4:19; 21-23. 3. He hastens his departure, and takes his family with him, Exod. 4:20. 4. He meets with some difficulty in the way about the circumcising of his son, Exod. 4:24-26. 5. He has the satisfaction of meeting his brother Aaron, Exod. 4:27, 28. 6. He produces his commission before the elders of Israel, to their great joy, Exod. 4:29-31. And thus the wheels were set a going towards that great deliverance.

It was a very great honour that Moses was called to when God commissioned him to bring Israel out of Egypt; yet he is with difficulty persuaded to accept the commission, and does it at last with great reluctance, which we should rather impute to a humble diffidence of himself and his own sufficiency than to any unbelieving distrust of God and his word and power. Note, Those whom God designs for preferment he clothes with humility; the most fit for service are the least forward.

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary