Chapter 35 (Numbers 35)

Orders having been given before for the dividing of the land of Canaan among the lay-tribes (as I may call them), care is here taken for a competent provision for the clergy, the tribe of Levi, which ministered in holy things. I. Forty-eight cities were to be assigned them, with their suburbs, some in every tribe, Num. 35:1-8. II. Six cities out of these were to be for cities of refuge, for any man that killed another unawares, Num. 35:9-15. In the law concerning these observe, 1. In what case sanctuary was not allowed, namely, that of wilful murder, Num. 35:16-21. 2. In what cases it was allowed, Num. 35:22-24. 3. What was the law concerning those that took shelter in these cities of refuge, Num. 35:25-34

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary