Chapter 35 (Genesis 35)

Chapter 35

In this chapter we have three communions and three funerals. I. Three communions between God and Jacob. 1. God ordered Jacob to Beth-el; and, in obedience to that order, he purged his house of idols, and prepared for that journey, Gen. 35:1-5. 2. Jacob built an altar at Beth-el, to the honour of God that had appeared to him, and in performance of his vow, Gen. 35:6, 7. 3. God appeared to him again, and confirmed the change of his name and covenant with him (Gen. 35:9-13), of which appearance Jacob made a grateful acknowledgment, Gen. 35:14, 15. II. Three funerals. 1. Deborah?s, Gen. 35:8. 2. Rachel?s, Gen. 35:16-20. 3. Isaac?s, Gen. 35:27-29. Here is also Reuben?s incest (Gen. 35:22), and an account of Jacob?s sons, Gen. 35:23-26.

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary