Chapter 31 (Numbers 31)

This chapter belongs to ?the book of the wars of the Lord,? in which it is probable it was inserted. It is the history of a holy war, a war with Midian. Here is, I. A divine command for the war, Num. 31:1; 2. II. The undertaking of the war, Num. 31:3-6. III. The glorious success of it, Num. 31:7-12. IV. Their triumphant return from the war. 1. The respect Moses paid to the soldiers, Num. 31:13. 2. The rebuke he gave them for sparing the women, Num. 31:14-18. 3. The directions he gave them for the purifying of themselves and their effects, Num. 31:19-24. 4. The distribution of the spoil they had taken, one half to the soldiers, the other to the congregation, and a tribute to the Lord out of each, Num. 31:25-47. 5. The free-will offering of the officers, Num. 31:48-54

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary