Chapter 3 (2 Samuel 3)

The battle between Joab and Abner did not end the controversy between the two houses of Saul and David, but it is in this chapter working towards a period. Here is, I. The gradual advance of David?s interest, 2 Sam. 3:1. II. The building up of his family, 2 Sam. 3:2-5. III. Abner?s quarrel with Ish-bosheth, and his treaty with David, 2 Sam. 3:6-12. IV. The preliminaries settled, 2 Sam. 3:13-16. V. Abner?s undertaking and attempt to bring Israel over to David, 2 Sam. 3:17-21. VI. The treacherous murder of Abner by Joab, when he was carrying on this matter, 2 Sam. 3:22-27. VII. David?s great concern and trouble for the death of Abner, 2 Sam. 3:28-39.

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary