Chapter 27 (1 Samuel 27)

David was a man after God?s own heart, and yet he had his faults, which are recorded, not for our imitation, but for our admonition; witness the story of this chapter, in which, though, I. We find, to his praise, that he prudently took care of his own safety and his family?s (1 Sam. 27:2-4) and valiantly fought Israel?s battles against the Canaanites (1 Sam. 27:8-9), yet, II. We find, to his dishonour, 1. That he began to despair of his deliverance, 1 Sam. 27:1. 2. That he deserted his own country, and went to dwell in the land of the Philistines, 1 Sam. 27:1; 5-7. 3. That he imposed upon Achish with an equivocation, if not a lie, concerning his expedition, 1 Sam. 27:10-12.

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary