Chapter 22 (2 Kings 22)

This chapter begins the story of the reign of good king Josiah, whose goodness shines the brighter because it came just after so much wickedness, which he had the honour to reform, and just before so great a destruction, which yet he had not the honour to prevent. Here, after his general character (2 Kgs. 22:1, 2), we have a particular account of the respect he paid I. To God?s house, which he repaired, 2 Kgs. 22:3-7 II. To God?s book, which he was much affected with the reading of, 2 Kgs. 22:8-11 III. To God?s messengers, whom he thereupon consulted, 2 Kgs. 22:12-14 And by whom he received from God an answer threatening Jerusalem?s destruction (2 Kgs. 22:15-17), but promising favour to him (2 Kgs. 22:18-20), upon which he set about that glorious work of reformation which we have an account of in the next chapter.

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary