Chapter 22 (1 Samuel 22)

David, being driven from Achish, returns into the land of Israel to be hunted by Saul. I. David sets up his standard in the cave of Adullam, entertains his relations (1 Sam. 22:1), enlists soldiers (1 Sam. 22:2), but removes his aged parents to a more quiet settlement (1 Sam. 22:3, 4), and has the prophet Gad for his counsellor, 1 Sam. 22:5. Saul resolves to pursue him and find him out, complains of his servants and Jonathan (1 Sam. 22:6-8), and, finding by Doeg?s information that Ahimelech had been kind to David, he ordered him and all the priests that were with him, eighty-five in all, to be put to death, and all that belonged to them destroyed (1 Sam. 22:9-19) from the barbarous execution of which sentence Abiathar escaped to David, 1 Sam. 22:20-23.

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary