Chapter 20 (1 Samuel 20)

David, having several times narrowly escaped Saul?s fury, begins to consider at last whether it may not be necessary for him to retire into the country and to take up arms in his own defence. But he will not do so daring a thing without consulting his faithful friend Jonathan; how he did this, and what passed between them, we have an account in this chapter, where we have as surprising instances of supernatural love as we had in the chapter before of unnatural hatred. I. David complains to Jonathan of his present distress, and engages him to be his friend, 1 Sam. 20:1-8. II. Jonathan faithfully promises to get and give him intelligence how his father stood affected to him, and renews the covenant of friendship with him, 1 Sam. 20:9-23. III. Jonathan, upon trial, finds, to his grief, that his father was implacably enraged against David, 1 Sam. 20:24-34. IV. He gives David notice of this, according to the appointment between them, 1 Sam. 20:35-42.

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary