Chapter 2 (Judges 2)

In this chapter we have, I. A particular message which God sent to Israel by an angel, and the impression it made upon them, Jdg. 2:1-5. II. A general idea of the state of Israel during the government of the judges, in which observe, 1. Their adherence to God while Joshua and the elders lived, Jdg. 2:6-10. 2. Their revolt afterwards to idolatry, Jdg. 2:11-13. 3. God?s displeasure against them, and his judgments upon them for it, Jdg. 2:14, 15. 4. His pity towards them, shown in raising them up deliverers, Jdg. 2:16-18. 5. Their relapse into idolatry after the judgment was over, Jdg. 2:17-19. 6. The full stop God in anger put to their successes, Jdg. 2:20-23. These are the contents, not only of this chapter, but of the whole book.

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary