Chapter 2 (Leviticus 2)

In this chapter we have the law concerning the meat-offering. I. The matter of it; whether of raw flour with oil and incense (Lev. 2:1), or baked in the oven (Lev. 2:4), or upon a plate (Lev. 2:5, 6), or in a frying pan, Lev. 2:7. II. The management of it, of the flour (Lev. 2:2, 3), of the cakes, Lev. 2:8-10. III. Some particular rules concerning it, That leaven and honey must never be admitted (Lev. 2:11, 12), and salt never omitted in the meat-offering, Lev. 2:13. IV. The law concerning the offering of firstfruits in the ear, Lev. 2:14

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary