Chapter 2 (Ruth 2)

There is scarcely any chapter in all the sacred history that stoops so low as this to take cognizance of so mean a person as Ruth, a poor Moabitish widow, so mean an action as her gleaning corn in a neighbour?s field, and the minute circumstances thereof. But all this was in order to her being grafted into the line of Christ and taken in among his ancestors, that she might be a figure of the espousals of the Gentile church to Christ, Isa. 54:1. This makes the story remarkable; and many of the passages of it are instructive and very improvable. Here we have, I. Ruth?s humility and industry in gleaming corn, Providence directing her to Boaz?s field, Ruth 2:1-3. II. The great favour which Boaz showed to her in many instances, Ruth 2:4-16. III. The return of Ruth to her mother-in-law, Ruth 2:18-23.

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary