Chapter 19 (1 Samuel 19)

Immediately after David?s marriage, which one would have hoped would secure him Saul?s affection, we find his troubles coming upon him faster than ever and Saul?s enmity to him the cause of all. His death was vowed, and four fair escapes of his from the hurtful sword of Saul we have an account of in this chapter: the first by the prudent mediation of Jonathan (1 Sam. 19:1-7), the second by his own quickness (1 Sam. 19:8-10), the third by Michal?s fidelity (1 Sam. 19:11-17), the fourth by Samuel?s protection, and a change, for the present, wrought upon Saul, 1 Sam. 19:18-24. Thus God has many ways of preserving his people. Providence is never at a loss.

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary