Chapter 18 (1 Samuel 18)

In the course of the foregoing chapter we left David in triumph; now in this chapter we have, I. The improvement of his triumphs; he soon became, 1. Saul?s constant attendant, 1 Sam. 18:2. 2. Jonathan?s covenant friend, 1 Sam. 18:1, 3, 4. 3. The darling of his country, 1 Sam. 18:5, 7, 16. II. The allays of his triumphs. This is the vanity that accompanies even a right work, that ?for it a man is envied,? Eccl. 4:4. So David was by Saul. 1. He hated him, and sought to kill him himself, 1 Sam. 18:8-11. 2. He feared him, and contrived how he might have some mischief done him, 1 Sam. 18:12-17. He proposed to marry his daughter to him; but, [1.] cheated him of the eldest to provoke him (1 Sam. 18:19), and, [2.] Gave him the younger, upon conditions which would endanger his life, 1 Sam. 18:20-25. But David performed his conditions bravely (1 Sam. 18:26, 27), and grew to be more and more esteemed, 1 Sam. 18:28-30. Still David is rising, but (as all that aim at the crown of life must expect) he had a great deal of difficulty and opposition to grapple with.

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary