Chapter 17 (Exodus 17)

Two passages of story are recorded in this chapter, I. The watering of the host of Israel. 1. In the wilderness they wanted water, Exod. 17:1. 2. In their want they chided Moses, Exod. 17:2, 3. 3. Moses cried to God, Exod. 17:4. 4. God ordered him to smite the rock, and fetch water out of that; Moses did so, Exod. 17:5, 6. 5. The place named from it, Exod. 17:7. II. The defeating of the host of Amalek. 1. The victory obtained by the prayer of Moses, Exod. 17:8-12. 2. By the sword of Joshua, Exod. 17:13. 3. A record kept of it, Exod. 17:14, 16. And these things which happened to them are written for our instruction in our spiritual journey and warfare.

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary