Chapter 17 (Judges 17)

All agree that what is related in this and the rest of the chapters to the end of this book was not done, as the narrative occurs, after Samson, but long before, even soon after the death of Joshua, in the days of Phinehas the son of Eleazar, Jdg. 20:28. But it is cast here into the latter part of the book that it might not interrupt the history of the Judges. That it might appear how happy the nation was in the judges it is here shown how unhappy they were when there was none. I. Then idolatry began in the family of Micah, Jdg. 17:1-13. II. Then it spread itself into the tribe of Dan, Jdg. 18:1-31. III. Then villany was committed in Gibeah of Benjamin, Jdg. 19:1-30. IV. Then that whole tribe was destroyed for countenancing it, Jdg. 20:1-48. V. Then strange expedients were adopted to keep up that tribe, Jdg. 21:1-25. Therefore blessed be God for the government we are under! In this chapter we are told how Micah an Ephraimite furnished himself, 1. With an image for his god, Jdg. 17:1-6. 2. With a Levite, such a one as he was, for his priest, Jdg. 17:7-13.

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary