Chapter 13 (Genesis 13)

Chapter 13

In this chapter we have a further account concerning Abram. I. In general, of his condition and behaviour in the land of promise, which was now the land of his pilgrimage. 1. His removes, Gen. 13:1, 3, 4, 18. 2. His riches, Gen. 13:2. 3. His devotion, Gen. 13:4, 18. II. A particular account of a quarrel that happened between him and Lot. 1. The unhappy occasion of their strife Gen. 13:5, 6. 2. The parties concerned in the strife, with the aggravation of it, Gen. 13:7. III. The making up of the quarrel, by the prudence of Abram Gen. 13:8, 9. IV. Lot?s departure from Abram to the plain of Sodom, Gen. 13:10-13. V. God?s appearance to Abram, to confirm the promise of the land of Canaan to him, Gen. 13:14-18

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary