Chapter 13 (Numbers 13)

It is a memorable and very melancholy story which is related in this and the following chapter, of the turning back of Israel from the borders of Canaan, when they were just ready to set foot in it, and the sentencing of them to wander and perish in the wilderness for their unbelief and murmuring. It is referred to Ps. 95:7-11, and improved for warning to Christians, Heb. 3:7-19 In this chapter we have, I. The sending of twelve spies before them into Canaan, Num. 13:1-16. II. The instructions given to these spies, Num. 13:17-20. III. Their executing their commission according to their instructions, and their return from the search, Num. 13:21-25. IV. The report they brought back to the camp of Israel, Num. 13:26-33

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary