Chapter 13 (Exodus 13)

In this chapter we have, I. The commands God gave to Israel, 1. To sanctify all their firstborn to him, Exod. 13:1, 2. 2. To be sure to remember their deliverance out of Egypt (Exod. 13:3, 4), and, in remembrance of it, to keep the feast of unleavened bread, Exod. 13:5-7. 3. To transmit the knowledge of it with all possible care to their children, Exod. 13:8-10. 4. To set apart unto God the firstlings of their cattle, (Exod. 13:11-13), and to explain that also to their children, Exod. 13:14-16. II. The care God took of Israel, when he had brought them out of Egypt. 1. Choosing their way for them, Exod. 13:17, 18. 2. Guiding them in the way, Exod. 13:20-22. And III. Their care of Joseph?s bones, Exod. 13:19.

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary