Chapter 11 (Exodus 11)

Pharaoh had told Moses to get out of his presence (Exod. 10:28), and Moses had promised this should be the last time he would trouble him, yet he resolves to say out what he had to say, before he left him; accordingly, we have in this chapter, I. The instructions God had given to Moses, which he was now to pursue (Exod. 11:1, 2), together with the interest Israel and Moses had in the esteem of the Egyptians, Exod. 11:3. II. The last message Moses delivered to Pharaoh, concerning the death of the firstborn, Exod. 11:4-8. III. A repetition of the prediction of Pharaoh?s hardening his heart, (Exod. 11:9), and the event answering to it, Exod. 11:10.

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary