Chapter 10 (1 Samuel 10)

We left Samuel and Saul walking together, probably some private way over the fields down from Ramah, perhaps in the paths of the vineyards, and Saul expecting to hear from Samuel the word of God. Now here we have, I. The anointing of Saul then and there, 1 Sam. 10:1. The signs Samuel gave him, 1 Sam. 10:2-6. And instructions, 1 Sam. 10:7-8. II. The accomplishment of those signs to the satisfaction of Saul, 1 Sam. 10:9-13. III. His return to his father?s house, 1 Sam. 10:14-16. IV. His public election by lot, and solemn inauguration, 1 Sam. 10:17-25. V. His return to his own city, 1 Sam. 10:26, 27. It is a great work that is here a doing, the setting up not only of a monarch, but of monarchy itself, in Israel; and therefore in all the advances towards it much of God is seen.

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary