Chapter 1 (1 Kings 1)

In this chapter we have, I. David declining in his health, 1 Kgs. 1:1-4. II. Adonijah aspiring to the kingdom, and treating his party, in order to it, 1 Kgs. 1:5-10. III. Nathan and Bathsheba contriving to secure the succession to Solomon, and prevailing for an order from David for the purpose, 1 Kgs. 1:11-31. IV. The anointing of Solomon accordingly, and the people?s joy therein, 1 Kgs. 1:32-40. V. The effectual stop this put to Adonijah?s usurpation, and the dispersion of his party thereupon, 1 Kgs. 1:41-49. VI. Solomon?s dismission of Adonijah upon his good behaviour, 1 Kgs. 1:50-53.

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary