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1 Chronicles 3:10-16 (1 Chronicles 3:10-16)

The line of royal descent from David, is now rapidly carried down in these verses—first , as far as good King Josiah, sixteen generations in all (omitting, quite consistently, Athalia, who reigned by her own usurpation for six years on the death of her son Azariah); and then, by four successions (viz. two brothers, sons of Josiah, and a grandson and great-grandson of Josiah), to the Captivity.

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1 Chronicles 3:10 (1 Chronicles 3:10)

Though the Authorized Version has Abia the Hebrew word is אֲבִיָּה both here and in 2 Chronicles 13:1 , 23 (or Authorized Version, 2 Chronicles 14:1 ), in both of which passages, as also elsewhere, our Authorized Version has Abijah. Another form is Abijam ( אֲבִיָּם ), as in 1 Kings 14:31 and elsewhere. A corrupt form ( אֲבִיָּחוּ ) is found in 2 Chronicles 13:20 . We have the name in the New Testament genealogy ( Matthew 1:7 , Matthew 1:8 ).

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