Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary

Verse 10 (Psalms 119:10)

Here is, 1. David?s experience of a good work God had wrought in him, which he takes the comfort of and pleads with God: ?I have sought thee, sought to thee as my oracle, sought after thee as my happiness, sought thee as my God; for should not a people seek unto their God? If I have not yet found thee, I have sought thee, and thou never saidst, Seek in vain, nor wilt say so to me, for I have sought thee with my heart, with my whole heart, sought thee only, sought thee diligently.? 2. His prayer for the preservation of that work: ?Thou that hast inclined me to seek thy precepts, never suffer me to wander from them.? The best are sensible of their aptness to wander; and the more we have found of the pleasure there is in keeping God?s commandments the more afraid we shall be of wandering from them and the more earnest we shall be in prayer to God for his grace to prevent our wanderings.

- Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary