Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Bible

Verse 12 (Revelation 5:12)

To receive power - That is, Jesus Christ is worthy to take, λαβειν , to have ascribed to him, power - omnipotence; riches - beneficence; wisdom - omniscience; strength - power in prevalent exercise; honor - the highest reputation for what he has done; glory - the praise due to such actions; and blessing - the thankful acknowledgments of the whole creation. Here are seven different species of praise; and this is exactly agreeable to the rabbinical forms, which the author of this book keeps constantly in view. See Sepher Rasiel, fol. 39, 2: "To thee belongs כבוד cabod , glory; גדולה gedulah , magnitude; גבורה geburah , might; הממלכה hammamlakah , the kingdom; התפארת hattiphereth , the honor; הנצח hannetsach , the victory; וההוד vehahod , and the praise."

- Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Bible