Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Bible

Verse 17 (John 20:17)

Touch me not - Μη μου ἁπτου , Cling not to me. Ἁπτομαι has this sense in Job 31:7 , where the Septuagint use it for the Hebrew דבק dabak , which signifies to cleave, cling, stick, or be glued to. From Matthew 28:9 , it appears that some of the women held him by the feet and worshipped him. This probably Mary did; and our Lord seems to have spoken to her to this effect: "Spend no longer time with me now: I am not going immediately to heaven - you will have several opportunities of seeing me again: but go and tell my disciples, that I am, by and by, to ascend to my Father and God, who is your Father and God also. Therefore, let them take courage."

- Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Bible