Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Bible

Verse 2 (John 14:2)

In my Father's house, etc. - The kingdom of glory.

Many mansions - Though I have said before that whither I am going ye cannot come now, yet do not think that we shall be for ever separated. I am going to that state of glory where there is not only a place of supreme eminence for myself, but also places for all my disciples; - various degrees of glory, suited to the various capacities and attainments of my followers.

Our Lord alludes here to the temple, which was called the house of God, in the precincts of which there were a great number of chambers, 1 Kings 6:5 ; Ezra 8:29 ; Jeremiah 35:2 , Jeremiah 35:4 ; Jeremiah 36:10 .

If - not - I would have told you - If your places were not prepared in the kingdom of God, I would not have permitted you to have indulged a vain hope concerning future blessedness.

- Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Bible