Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Bible

Verse 17 (Matthew 15:17)

Cast out into the draught - Εις αφεδωνα , - And beeth into the forthgoing a sent - what is not fit for nourishment is evacuated; is thrown into the sink. This I believe to be the meaning of this difficult and variously translated word, αφεδρων . Diodati translates it properly, nella latrina , into the privy. And the Persian translator has given a good paraphrase, and appears to have collected the general meaning her teche der dehen ander ayeed , az nusheeb beeroon rood , we ber zemeen aftad : "Whatsoever enters into the mouth goes downward, and falls upon the ground." Michaelis, and his annotator, Dr. Marsh, have been much perplexed with this perplexing passage. See Michaelis's Introduction, vol. i. note 35. p. 458.

- Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Bible