Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Bible

Verse 22 (Isaiah 29:22)

Who redeemed Abraham - As God redeemed Abraham from among idolaters and workers of iniquity, so will he redeem those who hear the words of the Book, and are humbled before him, Isaiah 29:18 , Isaiah 29:19 .

Concerning the house of Jacob "The God of the house of Jacob" - I read אל El as a noun, not a preposition: the parallel line favors this sense; and there is no address to the house of Jacob to justify the other.

Neither shall his face now wax pale "His face shall no more be covered with confusion" - " יחורו yechoro , Chald. ut ὁ μεταβαλει , Theod. εντραπησεται , Syr. נחפרו necaphro , videtur legendum יחפרו yechepheru : hic enim solum legitur verbum , חור chavar , nec in linguis affinibus habet pudoris significationem ." - Secker. "Here alone is the verb חור charar read; nor has it in the cognate languages the signification of shame."

- Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Bible